Videos by Design Wedding Videography

 Adoption Video

Good morning Steve! First off, I am really loving the video. I even love the bloopers at the end. I did notice a section of repeated video, and a couple repeated pictures we may want to swap out. I am going to comb through the video and give you specifics soon, but I wanted to touch base to let you know how happy we are with the video.


Rebekah Faber

Hi Steve,  Everything is fantastic! I love the CD pictures too and the picture slide show! Is there anyway to get those photos in a file form too? Thanks again so much, I'm very happy with how the videos turned out and that I went with a videographer. Michael and I watched them last night and had some good laughs about people/events that we didn't notice before. Thanks for capturing the memories. Regards, Bekah! :D 


Yates Anniversary

 I really appreciate your professionalism and hard work at our 10 Yr. Anniversary party.
Thank you, Alexis Yates


Erin & Peter Vaughn Wedding

Steve, I love the video!!!  You've done a wonderful job again!!  Thanks again, Steve. You do wonderful work and I would make a great reference for you if you ever need one!  I'll be sure to pass your name around to my friends and family. Sincerely, Teresa 

Natalie & Clint Baldwin Wedding

Steve, Videos looked great! I loved the detail pictures that were on the Photo DVD from the reception. Those are pictures I think everyone forgot to take and so I am grateful you captured them. The only thing i saw that needs edited is Alter Servers needs to be spelled Altar servers. Really not a big deal though.   I like the one titled Wedding Case Cover for the Wedding and the Highlights. And I like the Color picture of us dancing on the front which was titled  Baldwin Color Case cover for the reception. Thank you so much for all your work. We will be forever grateful for these DVD's. Hope you are having a great day! 
Much appreciation,  

Mallory & Michael Seckman Wedding

This all looks great! like really awesome!!! Will you send the video of me and my dad as well when you send everything? 
Steve thanks so much. It has been great working with you! 

Natalie Schupbach

Steve did a great job for our wedding video last September. I was ecstatic with the end results and found him quite pleasant to work with throughout the entire process. He has a knack for capturing the perfect moments and edited everything beautifully. I highly recommend his videographer skills.
Natalie & Clint Baldwin Wedding

Videos by Design is a great videographer service. I used the service for my wedding. Steve was wonderful to work with. I was impressed that he was willing to be there for me the entire wedding day and even came early in the morning to the salon to video tape pieces of everyone getting their hair done. He discusses and explains everything very well and tries to meet any special requests you have pertaining to your wedding videos. I wasn't sure if I was even going to use a Videographer due to being on a tight budget but after booking this service and after seeing the four amazing DVD's I have of that special day, it was totally worth the investment. After you put all that time and work into planning your wedding it is a relief to have 4 wonderful videos to watch down the road when the day is over.

Amanda & Casey  Heinold Wedding




I did not have a clue who to hire to video my daughter's wedding. I found Steve through an internet search and I could not be happier with the results. His videos are top notch. His editing and camera views are outstanding. I truly did not expect such professional results. He was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. In fact, after he filmed my son's wedding, I approached him and told him I would be happy to recommend his work and I am thrilled to be able to do so now. We have such beautiful memories of both weddings that will live on forever.

Jennifer & Ryan Wrigley Wedding

Steve did a great job with our wedding! He was very prompt about getting us our videos (had them in 2 weeks)! Very reasonable in pricing, too! Hiring a videographer is something you don't want to skip because there's so much going on that day that you really do need to go back and watch it later! He was there the whole day and it'll be a keepsake we have forever!